Choose from a selection of Full Colour Reference Sections to enhance your Customised Student Diary

Ireland and Northern Ireland / UK Editions
Standard Colour Module
  • Ref: CM1 - 16 page full colour reference section featuring useful Academic and Lifestyle information
  • Included as standard (can be omitted)
  • Contents [16 pages]: Contact Details, Timetables, Study Planner, Study Guide, Calendar, Notable Dates, Spelling,Exam Tips, Maths Formulae, Periodic Table, Simple Figures, Conversion Tables, Healthy Living, First Aid, World Maps, Internet, Our Environment 
Well Being Module
  • Ref: CM2 - 16 page colour section featuring useful Student/Teenage Lifestyle information
  • Contents [16 pages]: Keep Moving,  Stay Healthy, Get Sporty, Eat Well, Feel Well, Good Nights Sleep, Stress Busters, Anti-Bullying, Mental Health, Improve your Skills, Know your Learning Style, Study Skills, Revision Tips, Time Management 
Towards Exam Success Module
  • Ref CM3, Some helpful tips for those all important exams
  • Contents [16 pages]: Study Timetable, Mind Mapping, Exam Day Tips, Important Verbs: Francais, Espanol, Deutsch, Gaeilge, Trigonometry 
Literacy Module
  • Ref: LM1, Help with Literacy Skills
  • Contents [16 pages]: Grammar, Punctuation, Connectives, Common Errors, Subject Key Words, Reading Record
First Year Module
  • Ref: FYM, Add this Module for your New First Year Students to give them a helping hand
  • Contents [8 pages]: Info to help First Year Students on the transition from Primary to Secondary School
Transition Year Module
  • Ref: TY, Add this Module for your TransitionYear Students to give them a helping hand
  • Contents [64 pages]
Sixth Form Module
  • Ref: 6th, An alternative module specially designed for The Sixth Form
  • Contents [16 pages]: Timetable, Higher Education, UCAS info Application Timeline, UCAS Tariffs, Personal Finance, Academic Goals, Keep Moving, Get Sporty, Eat Well, Stressed Out, Stress Busters, Improve your skills, Time Management, Study and Class Timetables
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Irish Language Edition
Module as Gaeilge
  • Academic Reference section as Gaeilge
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