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Customised HARDBACK Student Diaries
Genuine threadsewn, hardback bound books
Superb strength, customised for YOUR school

Customised Diaries for
Secondary - Sixth Form - Primary
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Cover Option 1
Denim and Leatherette Foil Blocked Covers
Your School logo Foil Blocked in Siver or Gold will look superb
 Linking to Hardback Foil Embossed Denim and Leatherette
Cover Option 2
Vibrant Full Colour Covers
Full Colour Designs - Hardback Covers
 Linking to Hardback Vibrant Full Colour
 Linking to Hardback Vibrant Full Colour

Cover Option 3

Combine The Durability of Thread Sewing with a Flexible Cover 
 Linking to Flexi-Bind