Linking to Secondary and Sixth Form - A5
Customised HARDBACK Student Diaries
Genuine threadsewn, hardback bound books
Superb strength, customised for YOUR school

Customised Diaries for
Secondary - Sixth Form - Primary
 Linking to PRIMARY Homework Layouts

Cover Option 1
Denim and Leatherette Foil Blocked Covers
Your School logo Foil Blocked in Siver or Gold will look superb
Denim and Leatherette Cover, Foil Blocked Linking to Foil Embossed Denim and Leatherette Covers
Cover Option 2
Vibrant Full Colour Covers
Full Colour Designs - Hardback Covers
 Linking to Vibrant Full Colour Covers

Cover Option 3

Combine The Durability of Thread Sewing with a Flexible Cover 
 Linking to Flexi-Bind